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Onions & Shallots

Onions & Shallots

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Fresh onions Experience the mouthwatering taste of our fresh, hand-picked onions! These savory ingredients add the perfect touch of flavor and nutrition to any dish. The possibilities are endless with our premium quality onions. Elevate your cooking and elevate your health with Onions & Shallots.

Talon Onions - Talon is a large hybrid long term storage dark skinned onion.

Frontier Onions - Frontier is a standout variety with our trial staff. Bulbs are golden, large and uniform with small necks that cure quickly.

Red Karmen Onion - Red Karmen produces high globe shaped onions dark red skin, perfect for salads or sliced on top of burgers.


Experience the delicious flavor and unique texture of our succulent Shallots! Indulge your senses and elevate your cooking with these flavorful gems!

Creme Brulee Shallot -  An elongated shallot, Creme Brule has a citrusy flavour when eaten raw but when cooked, sugars are enhanced and do not leave an overpowering aftertaste. Bulbs are 4-5" with a coppery pink skin.

Conservor Shallot - French shallot is full of flavour with great yield potential, easy to grow and ideal for storage. Elongated 2-3” tear drop easy to peel red-brown bulb with pale pink flesh.

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