Regrettably, due to inadequate moisture leading to poor germination, we cannot offer any garlic seeds for the 2024 season. Some garlic will be sold locally for culinary use, and the remaining seed quality will be utilized to restock our inventory.

Organically Grown

We grow our garlic and produce other products without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. We take pride in our work and products and work to produce and sell the best quality products we can. Aside from the tilling we do everything by hand, including planting, weeding and harvesting to reduce the chance of damage.

See What's Happening

We are a very open farm, and as such like to share how we do things, the mistakes we might make, and the successes. If you are interested in these thing have a look at our YouTube channel. When I remeber I try to video and document most of what we do.