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Pasture Raised Whole Chickens (NON GMO)- PRE ORDERS

Pasture Raised Whole Chickens (NON GMO)- PRE ORDERS

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Pre-Orders Available starting April 30, Delivery/Pickup June 7th


FINAL PRICE WILL BE $14.50/KG ($6.58/LB) First orders get first choice on weights

Local delivery/pickup only. 


We have 2 different types of birds that will be available this batch 

Cornish Cross - These are the same as the regular chicken you would find in the grocery (except these are pasture raised). They are fast growing with large breast and thighs.

Western Rustic - We are trying these as a test, they are supposed to be better foragers (meaning the forage for bugs and grass/weeds more than the other variety) which results in a hardy slower growing meat bird.  These dynamic birds produce fine quality meat. This is a rustic breed compared to highly selected broilers with yellowish skin and tasty meat.


Our Pasture Raised Whole Chickens are ethically and carefully obtained, and raised on lush pastures and only fed non GMO feed. This guarantees a full-flavored, juicy experience, free of antibiotics, hormones, or any synthetic additives!

Why Pasture Raised?

Our pasture raised chicken lives the majority of their lives on fresh pasture, eating bugs, grains, grass and legumes. They are moved daily to increase the amount of green forage and proteins the birds consume. They are free to explore, scratch and forage. At night, they are moved into coops for shelter from predators.

Why is pasture raised chicken better?

Pasture-raised chickens/eggs boast higher iron/Omega 3s, lower Omega 6:3, increased vitamin D, & more antioxidants

Human Health Benefits of Pasture Raised Meat

Research suggests that pasture-raised foods are better for health than solely grain-fed, conventionally-raised products. As well as less calories & total fat, pasture-raised poultry boast higher vitamins & a healthier omega-3/omega-6 ratio. Free-range chickens have 21% lower total fat, 30% lesser saturated fat & 28% fewer calories than factory-farmed chickens.

Environmental Benefits of Pasture Raised Chickens and Turkeys

Pasture-based systems benefit the environment - soil gets nutritious fertilizer, and fewer grains are needed for feed. Our chickens move daily, so they don't deplete any one spot; plus, they can forage for their own meals, rather than relying on an intensive production system that burns gas to transport feed and waste. It's a win-win!

Supporting Local and Sustainable Farming

When you buy pastured meat, you're not only taking a step to safeguard your health, protect the environment, and improve animal well being, you're also supporting sustainable farming and the farmers who choose to practice it. Small, local family farmers are invaluable members of rural communities and play a key role as stewards of the land.

Culinary Benefits of Cooking with Pastured Meat

Keep in mind that the consistency, texture, colour and flavours of food from pasture-raised animals differ from those of intensively produced foods. Pasture-raised chickens contain less fat and water and lend themselves best to roasting, grilling, or slow simmering, not quick sautéing. The biggest difference that our customers notice in our chickens is the flavour but second is the meat density and lack of water. 

Improved Animal Welfare

Pasture-raised chickens live happier, healthier lives compared to their conventionally raised counterparts. Our chickens are allowed to roam freely, engage in natural behaviors such as foraging and dust bathing and are not confined to cramped, crowded conditions. This means that pasture raised chickens are less likely to suffer from stress and disease, which results in a healthier and more humane way of raising chickens.

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